Exceptional Attractions


Preveza: At the entrance of Amvrakikos Gulf and in the shade of ancient Nikopolis is just 15 km. Walking through the city one observes the church of Saint Charalambos with Venetian clock, bust Karyotakis and other monuments. In the narrow streets of the central market there are fish restaurants, cafes, bars.

Arta: The haunted bridge. But the castle, the Byzantine churches of (Parigoritissa- Saint Theodora), the clock to give another reason to boast.

Lefkada: The history, beaches and events make ultimate destination for the summer.

Parga: Castles, rocky island, the church of Panagia, the rich vegetation and the beaches of the raise in classic beauty and value.

Monuments of Nature

Acheron River
River with special reference to ancient texts. Today tourist attraction for rafting and hiking.

Lake Ziros
Small but beautiful. Operated environmental center.

Amvrakikos Gulf
(important wetland)
The lagoons of Amvrakikos is of great natural beauty with rare species of birds.


Monuments of Culture


The said “Pompeii” of D. Greece and is the largest archaeological site in Greece. The conservatory, theater, Byzantine walls, the Nymphaeum and basilicas deliver Nikopol eternity.

Ruins of the city of the 4th B.C. are preserved near the village Kamarina.

City 4th century p.Ch.voreia of Ammotopos.

“The dance of Zalongo” eternal symbol of self-sacrifice (the sculptor Zongolopoulos work) are visible from the hotel.

A river in Hades and lead the faithful to place him in contact with the dark underworld.

The Walkthrough Continues

Monastery Kozyli
Monastery Byzantine era

Monastery Agia Pelagia
Monastery of the 17th century near the village Kastrosykia

Monastery Lekatsa
Located in a beautiful, virgin forest

Monastery Agios Dimitrios foothills of Zalogo